September 28, 2020

Your licensing system must support remote work

This year’s COVID-related shutdowns have forced regulatory professionals to work remotely, either sporadically or permanently. This shift has been disruptive even for the best-prepared agencies. It has been virtually paralyzing for those that lack licensing systems that support remote work. GL Solutions designed the GL Simple subscription installation plan with just such clients in mind. GL Simple allows agencies to obtain licensing software that supports remote work quickly and at a price they can afford.

A system that supports remote work

Here are just a few of the many ways GL Solutions’ configurable GL Suite application supports remote work:

  • GL Suite is browser based: Your staff can log into your system from any location with internet access. They’re not tied to their office desktops and you won’t have to set up VPN access.
  • Self-service websites: GL Suite supports websites that allow applicants, licensees and others to enter data, pay fees and review disciplinary actions without the direct involvement of your staff. Your agency can move the entire licensing life cycle online, from application to renewal, eliminating snail mailed material and manual data entry entirely.
  • Electronic letters and notices: GL Suite can send letters, notices, licenses and certificates electronically, eliminating the need for staff to print and mail them.
  • Email management: Staff can generate and send email from within the GL Suite system. All emails, responses and related documents are stored automatically with the related record.

How GL Simple installation works

It can take years to go live with a licensing system obtained through the procurement process. An RFP must be developed and issued, responses must be read, demonstrations must be viewed and scored and so on. And before any of this happens, your agency might have to convince legislators to allocate a seven-figure sum for your new system.

The GL Simple installation option allows your agency to avoid the time and complexity of the procurement process and even to obtain a system within your current budget.

With GL Simple, GL Solutions will develop a licensing system for your agency for a monthly fee determined by the number of system users. The best practices and business process catalog we’ve developed during our two decades in business allow us to configure licensing systems according to agencies’ needs efficiently and accurately.

Start small, then build

The time needed to go live will depend upon your needs.

Want to go live with only a back-end system that handles applications and renewals? That can happen quickly.

Want to go live with a back-end system that also handles inspections and enforcement – or a system that includes websites? That will take longer.

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