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The COVID pandemic changed the way regulatory agencies work. More than ever before, licensing agencies need the ability to work from home.  A recent survey shows many government employees continue to telework; the latest data indicates remote work from COVID amounts to about 10% of local government employees, 18% of state employees and 28% of federal workers. And to help staff work remotely, regulatory agencies must wean themselves from paper documents. It’s not easy for licensing specialists working from home to process applications and renewals that are snail mailed to your agency’s office.

And besides supporting remote work, moving away from paper and towards a digital government improves the efficiency of your office, helping you manage worker shortages, as well as licensing backlogs—caused by outdated paper licensing systems.

Manage documents electronically

Self-service websites enable licensees to submit their documents electronically. Managing your documents digitally enables your staff to capture, process and share documents of any type electronically, including text documents, PDFs, audio and video files–even digital vaccine cards. Handle applications, as well as supporting materials, such as fingerprint cards—24/7.

Upload documents automatically

Automatically link uploaded documents to associated records, making them instantly accessible to authorized staff. When uploaded documents fulfill requirements, some systems automatically update the related status to “complete.” The application records when the system received and uploaded a document—and by whom.

Use Auto-fill templates

Custom templates allow your staff to send notices, licenses and other material to single recipients and to groups. Use a system that populates templates automatically with names, addresses and other data. Attach outgoing and incoming email messages automatically, along with attachments automatically to associated records in the system, simplifying research and retrieval.

Stop the paper trail at your agency and switch to a self-service, digital experience, available 24/7.

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GL Solutions helps governments run, grow and adapt. To learn more, explore our website, call us at 800.930.1193 or email us at hello@glsolutions.com.

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