It’s time to bring licensing and permitting into the 21st century. We guide you in modernizing your regulatory agency with automated digital licensing and permitting solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Protect the public and regulate properly by streamlining and integrating your agency’s tracing, background check, and weapons permitting functions.

Fully automate your claims management process. Our configurable case management application adapts to your unique needs and workflows.

Protect the lives of children by streamlining and automating your agency’s regulatory functions. Our highly configurable child care licensing application adapts to your unique needs and workflows.

A revolutionary approach to true agency modernization, our Agency Transformation service is the next step in the evolution of GL Suite— for current and new customers alike.

Learn how GL Solutions guides you from your current operational state to a digitally transformed future.

New Miss. Law Allows State Board to Probe Officer Misconduct

New Miss. Law Allows State Board to Probe Officer Misconduct

New Miss. Law Allows State Board to Probe Officer Misconduct Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeve signed a bill that gives the state’s officer certification and training board the power to investigate law enforcement misconduct. According to Mississippi Today on May 16, the...

GL Solutions relies on our experienced, knowledgeable employees to achieve our mission to help governments run, grow and adapt. But we couldn’t do everything we do without valued industry partnerships.

The Implementation

Learn how GL Solutions guides you from your current operational state to a digitally transformed future.


The typical regulatory agency today uses a mix of electronic and paper forms and workflows, tied together with loosely defined processes. The result? Too much manual work, too many errors, and far too little efficiency.

GL Solutions moves you to clearly defined regulatory processes using digital systems. This starts with data: GL Suite consolidates all your relevant data—whether it’s in an Excel spreadsheet, a filing cabinet, or anywhere else—and puts it in one centrally accessible location.

GL Suite is a powerful software application that’s custom-configured for every customer agency. For that reason, our implementation process follows the software development cycle:


  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support

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Discovery: Identify What You Need

Our process begins with discovery, where we meet with you to determine exactly what you need from regulatory agency software. We identify your requirements—what you need your GL Suite deployment to do for you—as well as any gaps in performance or missing digital capabilities.

During the Discovery phase, you’ll also gain a clearer vision for what’s possible using the GL Suite platform, helping you set the right goals and requirements for your regulatory infrastructure.

Planning: Map the Development Process

Next, we plan how we’ll implement the required and desired features identified during Discovery. We build out a project schedule using project management best practices, and we keep you informed and involved throughout the planning process.

Design: Tailored to Your Agency

Next, we work with you as we design your configurable GL Suite regulatory software implementation. We’ll visit your agency and interview staff to learn about your existing processes and regulatory framework. Then we’ll collaborate with you on mapping GL Suite capabilities to your regulatory processes—and in recommending vetted and templated business processes (built over 25 years of prior agency implementations).

We store documentation of regulatory agency processes and workflows in your application’s Business Process Center, and we build in User Guides that can guide users through every process step.

Our onsite client visit to support the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department

Testing: Getting It Right

Complex configurable software takes fine-tuning and refining. During the Testing phase you’ll work with your GL Suite build in a test environment—not in a full deployment. Your team will follow User Guides and verify that the regulatory agency software works the way you need it to.

GL Suite’s Ticket Management Center—which you’ll use later for your own regulatory agency workflows—allows testers to tell us about issues discovered during testing (and track issue resolution).

Deployment: Go Live with Confidence

Once we’ve thoroughly tested your GL Suite implementation, you’re ready to go live. We work with you to ensure your regulatory agency is ready for the transformation, and we give you the digital tools in GL Suite to monitor workflows and adoption. We’ll reinforce your business processes and even deliver on-site training on how to maximize results from GL Suite.


Support: Guidance As You Evolve

The beauty of GL Suite is its flexibility: you can create the licensing and permitting system you need now. Then GL Suite expands with you as you transform, absorbing additional regulatory workflows and adding additional features.

We know the regulatory landscape is ever-changing and that you’ll need to adapt to new regulation and legislative requirements. And we’re here for you every step of the way, with timely adjustments in the software and expert guidance from our regulatory agency software advisors.

GL Solutions Achieves TX-RAMP Certification

GL Solutions Achieves TX-RAMP Certification

Kalispell, Mont. — May 6, 2024 GL Solutions proudly announces their achievement of TX-RAMP Level 2 certification. The TX-RAMP certification simplifies the procurement of the company’s GL Suite regulatory software for those government agencies requiring the...

Action Items for Modernizing Your Regulatory Agency

Action Items for Modernizing Your Regulatory Agency

Why Modernization? COVID changed the way that government agencies operate, and the way staff worked together. Many regulatory agency staff needed to transition to remote work—and some staff members continue to work remotely now. The way we work today, with...

GL Solutions Announces Microsoft Marketplace Offering

GL Solutions Announces Microsoft Marketplace Offering

GL Solutions this week announced a Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering, simplifying the procurement of their GL Suite regulatory software for government agencies. Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace enables regulatory agencies to purchase the licensing and credentialing...

What Does a Model Agency Look Like?

What Does a Model Agency Look Like?

A model agency harnesses their experience and talents to continuously improve. Their system gathers data, provides insights and measures performance improvements—automatically. A model agency reviews reports of these measures on a regular basis to help their agency...

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