GL Solutions Announces Microsoft Marketplace Offering

GL Solutions this week announced a Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering, simplifying the procurement of their GL Suite regulatory software for government agencies. Learn how the offering supports regulatory agency modernization.

Blueprint for Progress: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Change in Your Agency

Discover a five-step process to transform your regulatory agency, modernizing to better serve the public—and support your staff.

Agency Modernization
Questions You Must Ask

As an agency leader, you know that the path forward for your agency involves modernization, but how do you grow from where you are to where you need to be? Answer these 5 key questions and pave the way toward agency transformation.

Key Components of a Professional Licensing System

Does your licensing system include the three components central to a healthy modernization effort? Our free white paper shows you the way.

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Licensing Solutions
for Regulatory Agencies

Modernize and digitally transform your regulatory agency with GL Suite, our regulatory software solution. Developed by former regulatory officials, GL Suite software automates every step of your licensing process—from applications and renewals to notifications and suspensions—saving you time and increasing capacity and accuracy.

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