Case Management Solutions

Fully automate your claims management process. Our configurable case management application adapts to your unique needs and workflows.

Transform Your Case Management

GL Suite modernizes your case management system, allowing your regulatory agency to better manage and automate every aspect of case management and enforcement, including streamlining complaint intake, scheduling enforcement investigations, optimizing case management, ensuring accurate compliance, and managing appeals.

Alaska Investigators Tackle Mountains of Work


Alaska’s Division of Business Corporations and Professional Licensing handles a vast terrain of work and workers spread across more than 600,000 square miles—and it all happens with just 19 investigators. These professionals average a total of 1,300 cases each year—more than 65 cases per investigator.

With 43 different professions to monitor scattered among 23 boards, the contact points and unique procedures create a seemingly infinite combination of case management workflow possibilities.

How does the division keep up with cascading mountains of work, let alone keep all those complex processes and workflows straight? GL Suite.

The division relies heavily on GL Suite’s digital workflow dashboards, which enable the regulatory agency to operate more efficiently and manage the large volume of work.

“It’s something that helps the supervisors manage their teams. That is our biggest thing: managing and making sure no cases fall through the cracks.”

– Greg Francois, Chief Investigator, Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.

Leave Paper Behind

Alaska’s Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing is modernizing operations and leaving paper behind. GL Suite offers a website portal, enabling the public to submit complaints online, saving tedious data-entry time for staff members. Along with online complaint intake, GL Suite supports Alaska’s paperless office with digital document management and evidence retention and document and video content uploads.

An efficient case management solution not only means reduced paper for your regulatory agency, but also:


  • Lower costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved workflows
  • Better customer service

See For Yourself

Automate Case Management

Enforcement actions create many pieces of information over time, leading to a complicated and cluttered paper trail that makes it hard for case managers and investigators to follow the correct business processes and workflows, especially with repeated enforcement actions.

The cloud-based case management system in GL Suite automatically stores and tracks this information in one central repository, tying it to relevant records and giving your staff near-instant access to any and all information about a licensee. And with powerful project management automations, the GL Suite platform can automatically create email alerts and notifications, provide case-status reports, and track outcomes, keeping your team on time and on track.

Gain Powerful New Functionality

GL Suite unlocks powerful new case management tools for your regulatory agency, empowering users to:

  • Enter client cases
  • Track all complaint, investigation, hearing, and compliance actions pertaining to a license
  • Automatically create, maintain, and monitor all events related to complaints and their associated cases
  • Record penalties at the conclusion of an investigation
  • Automate case handling among staff members by establishing automated rules and notifications

Empowering Agencies from Alaska to Connecticut

State agencies from Alaska to Connecticut are already using GL Suite, GL Solutions’ configurable case management software, to improve processes and results.

GL Suite helps government regulatory agencies:

  • Automate processes
  • Track cases
  • Streamline workflow
  • Review performance

Boards of medicine, accountancy, and cosmetology, human services departments, contractor boards and many other regulatory agencies use the GL Suite software solution to manage cases and enforcement actions, handle licensing and permitting, and other specific needs.

How Case Management Software Improves Workflows

How Case Management Software Improves Workflows

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Webinar: Modernizing Your Regulatory Agency Step-by-Step

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Key Components of a Case Management System

Key Components of a Case Management System

Modernize your case management system enabling your regulatory agency to better manage and automate every aspect of the case management process. An efficient case management solution means improved business processes, greater efficiency in less time, lower costs, as...


Enforcement Investigations

Schedule, assign and track investigations according to your schedule, while retaining all information. GL Suite allows your agency to launch investigations on a schedule dictated by your priorities and to assign cases to investigators. The application tracks investigations to completion—from investigator notes to court appearances—while saving all information with the appropriate records in the system.

Complaint Intake

Reduce data entry required during intake while leveraging websites to reduce public complaint paperwork. Data entry tools in GL Suite reduce intake-related work and speed up the process. Optimize your intake procedures by setting up websites that allow the public to report complaints online—without requiring your staff to enter any data at all.

Third Party Integrations

Interfaces to and from third-party applications support data exchange between your agency and third parties. GL Suite seamlessly exchanges data with online payments, criminal record checks, information updates, exam scheduling, scoring, administration and more. Agencies also interface with GL Suite from other applications with a documented API

Invoicing and Payment Processing

Integrate with third-party payment processors, like PayPal, to ensure seamless online payment processing. Retain a history of payments and receipts with confirmation numbers added to applicant records. GL Suite integrates invoicing and reconciliation with an advanced financial reporting functionality, ensuring agency accountability—and trust with the public, as well.

Reminders and Notifications

Applicants and agency staff benefit from GL Suite’s highly configurable, automated alerts and notifications. Notify applicants of application approvals or of upcoming renewal dates by email and text. Or alert agency staff of tasks, such as an applicant review or a complaint notice. GL Suite helps you automate your office—and eliminate paper mailings.

Continuing Education

Support the management, review, certification and maintenance of continuing education requirements with GL Suite. The process categorizes and calculates the hours based on your agency’s specific policies. GL Suite ensures that an applicant meets your agency’s CE requirements before they complete their application or renewal.

Background Checks

Your agency performs background checks to help keep the public safe. With experience interfacing with local and federal background check vendors, like the FBI, GL Suite ensures that licensees are free from criminal records that exclude them from approval. GL Solutions is CJIS compliant, meeting data security standards from the Criminal Justice Information Services.

Performance Monitoring

Measure, assess, track and respond to organization and team objectives with GL Suite’s performance monitoring. View current performance, based on established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), analyze supporting data and take corrective action. GL Suite’s PowerBI reports create visual representations of performance, highlighting trends.

Licensee Verifications

License verification websites give the public access to real-time information about license, location and license duration. GL Suite’s security ensures that public information appears online, while private information stays only with agency staff. Any updates to information occur in real time, as well.

Board Meeting Management

Store and manage board meeting information, allowing your staff to generate review material and agendas well in advance. Reports allow staff to see upcoming meetings and all records scheduled for review. When meetings end, GL Suite updates records automatically. GL Suite’s Board Meeting Management automates the production of board meeting packets, compiling all electronic files.

Workflow Automation

Automate your processes, storing all relevant information and communication within GL Suite’s secure SaaS platform. With GL Suite, license and permit applications flow through numerous automated steps, eliminating or reducing repetitive manual tasks for your employees. Easily send and track work amongst your staff, whether they work in office or remote.

Online User Manuals

Our online user manuals, GL Suite’s Process Guides, lead your agency through your business process steps. The guides keep track of your progress in the process, even marking where you left off. Process Guides ensure your agency completes each step in a business process, leading to greater accuracy and efficiency.

Self-Service Websites

Handle basic tasks, such as paying fees or submitting applications and renewals entirely online. Online self-service makes your constituents happy, and frees up your staff to spend their time on higher-value work. Self-service websites also support two-way communication between end users and agency departments.

Robust Reporting

Use GL Suite’s powerful reporting tools to help you visualize information and interact with the reports via an integrated dashboard. Our customizable interface gives you control over reporting to best meet your agency’s needs. Ad-hoc reporting allows you to query any data in the system and display information in real time.

Digital Communication

Going paperless is environmentally and economically savvy; you’ll slash your paper use, delivery times, and printing and mailing costs. And with electronic applications and renewals, applications and communications reach their destination nearly instantly—not days later. Keep communications, such as email, securely within the application to meet your data retention requirements.

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