Top 10 Regulatory Stories of 2023

Regulatory leaders shared an interest in improving their agencies—from using artificial intelligence to modernizing regulatory systems to implementing security measures. Discover the stories that gained the most attention from regulatory leaders in 2023.

Our most popular regulatory stories of 2023:

1. Key Components of a Professional Licensing System

Our top content for the second year in a row! Learn the basic components and functionalities of a comprehensive licensing system; the three categories include: automation, efficiency and continuous improvement.


2. What Does Modernization Really Mean for Regulatory Agencies?

Regulatory agencies heard the call to modernize, receiving cash infusions from the federal government to upgrade legacy software and systems. But what does modernization really mean for regulatory agencies? For regulatory agencies, modernization means keeping up with the following trends, standards and tools.


3. Key Components of a Firearms Licensing System

Protect the public and regulate properly by streamlining and integrating your agency’s tracing, background check and weapons permitting functions. Read our guide to modernize your firearms permitting system to ensure public safety and to keep guns out of the wrong hands.


4. Four Simple Ways to Use AI Now at Your Regulatory Agency

Learn simple ways to integrate artificial intelligence into your regulatory agency’s everyday processes—today. And hear how AI benefits your workforce, helping you automate routine tasks. Amy Glasscock, Program Director for Innovation & Emerging Issues at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers shares how NASCIO formed a group to support government leaders with AI at their organizations.


5. How Government Agencies Can Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers many applications for government agencies, including integrating Chat GPT into business processes, service offerings and software; ChatGPT, for example, enables agencies to create summaries of meetings and calls. Other uses for AI at government agencies include automating repetitive tasks and making knowledge more accessible.


6. Key Components of a Case Management System

Discover the four key components of a case management system from a case management expert. An efficient case management solution means improved business processes, greater efficiency, lower costs, as well as reduced paper for your government agency.


7. Ramping Up State Regulatory Cybersecurity with StateRAMP

Is your state a member of StateRAMP? Why should a state join StateRAMP? “State participation in StateRAMP is essential for safeguarding sensitive cloud-based data, given the heightened risk of cyberattacks on cloud applications,” according to Jessica Kashary, StateRAMP Chief of Operations. Get all of your StateRAMP questions answered from a member of StateRAMP’s Provider Leadership Council.


8. Blueprint for Progress: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Change in Your Agency

Discover a five-step process to transform your regulatory agency, modernizing to better serve the public—and support your staff. Digital transformation starts with your agency establishing the mission and vision for your agency. Eventually, you move towards a model agency where your agency focuses on gathering data and measuring performance.


9. States Ranked by Occupational Licensing Burdens

A national occupational licensing study ranks states by the average burdens for licensed occupations. License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing looks at factors such as exam fees and the number of exams, along with days lost for education and experience requirements.


10. Child Care Agencies Sued for Harming Children

According to a report by Casey Family Programs, “the use of class-action litigation has been an increasingly common means to try to reform what the public perceives as failing government systems. Cases typically are built around an argument that a federal statutory or constitutional provision has been violated.” In their report titled, What is a summary of child welfare class-action litigation?, the organization explains that child welfare class action lawsuits take time and money.


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