Learn simple ways to integrate artificial intelligence into your regulatory agency’s everyday processes—today. And hear how AI benefits your workforce, helping you automate routine tasks.

Amy Glasscock, Program Director for Innovation & Emerging Issues at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers shares how NASCIO formed a group to support government leaders with AI at their organizations.

We interviewed Ryan Pedersen, VP of Strategy at GL Solutions, who oversees product and application development for some simple AI work hacks.

Create PowerPoint Presentations

Staff at regulatory agencies can take a Word document and easily switch that into a PowerPoint or into an email,” says Pedersen. “It’ll summarize all of that for you.” A simple Google search reveals a host of products that help you turn your documentation into a presentation.

Compile Training Materials

“If you need to train a new employee and you have a long employee manual, AI can generate a PowerPoint from that,” explains Pedersen. ChatGPT offers “excellent results” in the “summarization of large documents for policymakers,” according to a July 6 StateTech article.

Compose Team Emails

“You can ask ChatGPT to write really encouraging emails to your teams or to your departments,” Ryan points out. Make sure you involve a human in checking any AI-generated text to avoid incorrect information; as ChatGPT cautions: It’s important to note that while AI offers many benefits, it’s not a replacement for human expertise.

Assist Your Constituents

Employ a chatbot to help your agency’s staff answer the stream of constituent calls and emails. “A constituent can ask a chatbot questions,” says Pedersen, “like how much liability insurance do I need? And it will respond back with the answer, so that people don’t have to go searching through an agency’s website—or have to call them.” A May article from PublicCEO gives further examples of how states harness the power of chatbots to support residents. “State and local governments have been utilizing chatbots for several years as a search engine to assist residents in finding the right information on various topics such as DMV services, unemployment claims, and rental assistance.”

AI Resources

NASCIO Generative AI Working Group

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers formed a Generative AI Working Group and started meeting in July. According to Amy Glasscock, NASCIO’s Program Director for Innovation & Emerging Issues, “our NASCIO Generative AI Working Group is a group made up of any interested NASCIO members. We meet once a month to talk about issues related to generative AI in state government. We often have presentations from states on generative AI policies, regulations and use cases.”

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AI offers endless possibilities for automating routine tasks at state regulatory agencies. Does your regulatory agency already integrate AI into your work processes? We would love to hear more. Please reach out to us at editor@glsolutions.com. Thank you!


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