How Government Agencies Can Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers many applications for government agencies, according to PublicCEO on May 1. Ideas include integrating Chat GPT into business processes, service offerings and software; ChatGPT, for example, enables agencies to create summaries of meetings and calls. Other uses for AI at government agencies include automating repetitive tasks and making knowledge more accessible.

State Lawmakers Propose Regulating AI

Lawmakers in several states are considering bills related to regulating artificial intelligence. In California, for example, the California AI-ware Act, proposes creating the Office of Artificial Intelligence to guide the state government’s use of AI, according to Government Technology on May 2. In Hawaii, Gov. Josh Green signed Senate Concurrent Resolution 179 April 28; the resolution asks lawmakers to discuss the  “benefits and risks of artificial intelligence technologies.”

Va. Teacher Licensing Backlog Affecting Thousands of Educators

Thousands of Virginia teachers experience long wait times to get their licenses renewed. David Walrod, President of the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, says “just from Fairfax County alone you have at least 3,000, probably closer to four or five thousand teachers who are trying to get their license renewed,” reports WJLA. Educators, he explains, must print out paper forms, rather than submitting them electronically. The Virginia Department of Education, however, contends that the backlog stems from “incomplete license request forms” and “insufficient documentation.”

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