Fireworks Regulations by State

What state bans all consumer fireworks? And what three states regulate fireworks at the county level? Get a quick visual of the regulations of all 50 states with a 2024 fireworks laws by state map. According to the World Population Review “today, consumer fireworks are legal for purchase in 49 states. Only Massachusetts completely bans the sale of all fireworks. In Hawaii, Nevada, and Wyoming, fireworks are regulated at the country level.”  Consult the American Pyrotechnic Association for a complete directory of state laws for consumer fireworks, as well as state requirements for public fireworks displays.

Universal Recognition of Occupational Licenses: A Case Study

The research paper, Strengthening Universal Recognition of Occupational Licenses: A Case Study Approach, focuses on universal recognition laws in Idaho. Specifically, the authors focus on two provisions added to universal recognition in the state that “strengthened the value proposition of the law for a wider range of professions.” In their paper, posted June 27, they argue that the data offers good information to other states; they especially looked at the pharmacy profession.

Washington Developing Alternatives to the Bar exam

The state of Washington plans to develop alternative pathways to lawyer licensure. According to The College Fix on June 3, the three alternative paths include: one for graduates, one for current law students and another for those that opt for an apprenticeship program. The state plans to continue to use the Universal Bar Exam, with the possibility of also allowing the NextGen Exam.

More Regulatory Headlines

Minnesota: title protection for veterinary technicians

Assessment Briefs: Journal of Medical Regulation

Kentucky to open applications for the state’s medical marijuana business

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