May 19, 2020

Leading for the greater good

leading greater good

Too often, people think leadership is about where the leader wants to go. Untrue. Leadership is about getting the group where it needs to be. Leadership is about sacrificing your time and talent in service of the greater good. You can be the person who gives of yourself for the larger societal benefit and lead for the greater good.

Reframe your self-dialog to speak to the problem you are focused on for a client and how expertise, guidance, and professionalism help you fulfill that need. You are not just completing a list of tasks for a project. You are solving a client’s problems by executing like a professional service provider, a coach, a leader. Your work is not about what you are doing; it’s about the need you are fulfilling.

At GL Solutions, for example, we provide expertise. We lead clients with in-depth, industry knowledge that allows organizations to change faster, utilize best practices and improve their operations. We also offer guidance. We lead clients through coaching, tools, structure and management to successfully implement large, complex software projects. We suggest and design optimal solutions to meet client needs. And, finally, we deliver professionally. We build trust through professional people, tools and systems. We meet clients where they are and take them where they need to go.

Start reflecting daily with a simple leadership exercise:

Ask yourself:

  1. Who am I leading?
  2. What am I leading them to?

See if you can answer these questions by stating who needs your help and what is their goal or their need that you are addressing.

Bill Moseley, CEO GL Solutions

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