November 2, 2020

Founded by former licensing officials

licensing officials

Serving regulatory agencies isn’t just something we do at GL Solutions. It’s all we do. And when you specialize in something, you become very good at it. If your agency has an unusual software need – and what agency doesn’t? – we’ve seen it before and know how to meet it.

The ‘GL’ is for ‘Government Licensing’

GL Solutions’ founders were government regulatory experts even before they started writing software. Bill Moseley and Eric Staley, who continue to lead the company, served as licensing officials in the Oregon Department of Justice’s Charitable Activities Section when, in the late-1990s, they became dissatisfied with the regulatory software developed by the state’s IT professionals.

So they developed their own licensing system, and the rest is history.

Leverage other regulatory agencies

GL Solutions provides enterprise software for dozens of licensing agencies across the country. Our origins are evident in what we do and in how we do it.

  • Because we know regulatory officials have day jobs, we provide project management and expert guidance throughout the software development process.
  • Because we’ve developed scores of licensing systems for state agencies, you will benefit from an extensive library of business processes.
  • Because we specialize in government regulatory agencies, we know how to make them work more efficiently, from online licensing to automated board meeting management.
  • Because we know your legislature will throw you a curveball sooner or later, we couple our configurable GL Suite application with a support plan designed to support system changes.

GL Solutions software, service always evolving

GL Solutions has succeeded for more than two decades because our software and service plans evolve even as our regulatory expertise grows. GL Suite is a browser-based system that lets you work at the office or, when necessary, at home. Our websites and back-end system allow your licensees to apply and renew online – and your agency to go paperless. GL Solutions also offers hosting at a Tier III facility or in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Learn more

To learn more, email us at or call at (541) 337-2659. We look forward to hearing from you.

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