GL Solutions announces the relocation of the company’s headquarters to Kalispell, Mont.  After 20  years in operation at our Bend, Ore., location, GL Suite, Inc,. dba GL Solutions, began a search for a new primary site in 2018.  The relocation effort was driven by a need for workforce housing and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

GL Solutions evaluated communities meeting the following criteria: 

  • Population: 35,000 to 150,000 within 40 miles 
  • 2020 Median Home Price: < $400,000
  • Proximity to: Mountains, forest and/or ocean
  • Business Climate: Low regulatory burden for employers 
  • Business Taxes: No sales tax on software; < 7% business income tax rate
  • Personal Taxes: < 7% individual income tax rate
  • Airports:  Year-around, direct flights to at least one hub (SFO, SLC, DEN, ORD, HOU)

After evaluating seven communities, Kalispell, Mont, emerged as the leading site.   

In the summer of 2020, Montana West Economic Development (MWED) hosted a Q&A meeting between GL Solutions executives and 25 Kalispell government and business leaders.   

“We welcomed GL Solutions to the Flathead Valley because the company brings well-paying high-tech jobs that strengthen our economy,” said MWED CEO Jerry Meerkatz.   

GL Solutions’ national customer base of government agencies brings in local revenue from other areas while providing stable employment regardless of the economic cycle.  Companies like GL Solutions act as a counterbalance to cyclical industries like natural resources and tourism. GL Solutions functions as a key primer in the development of a vibrant tech economy. 

GL Solutions concluded that Kalispell held key cost-of-living advantages. 

Further, government policies were likely to keep housing costs and regulatory burdens in check for a long time to come. GL Solutions also was attracted by the Flathead Valley’s recreational opportunities and small surrounding communities, like Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Lakeside and Evergreen.   

“What really sold us, though, was the friendly, welcoming, and hopeful people,” said GL Solutions CEO Bill Moseley, “When I asked why people wanted economic growth, a local business leader said, ‘I want my children to have a better future in their hometown.’ Businesspeople encourage one another.  Their commitment to community building was apparent.” 

GL Solutions will create 40 new full-time positions in Kalispell over the next three months.

Hiring the first 20 employees begins immediately.  GL Solutions seeks employees with a can-do attitude and analytical ability.  The company has 22 years of experience developing employee technical skills for those new to IT.  These skills boost employees’ potential within GL Solutions and at other area firms. The ability to hire employees quickly in the Flathead Valley was supported by a partnership with the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development.  People interested in applying should visit the company’s web site to learn more:   


About GL Solutions 

GL Solutions is an employee-owned corporation founded by former regulators who left the public sector in the late 1990s to develop enterprise, regulatory software. GL Solutions’ COTS software and related services have evolved along with the technological landscape and supported scores of licensing agencies across the country to regulate foster care providers, financial institutions, accountants, alcohol distribution, physicians and others.

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