October 12, 2020

Tired of moving at the pace of procurement?

Regulatory agencies across the country have discovered this year that their licensing systems can’t meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. They need software that allows applications and renewals to occur online and agency staff to work remotely. They need systems that can be enhanced easily, whether by adding license types or changing expiration dates quickly in response to extraordinary events. Understandably, many agencies would like to replace their legacy systems quickly.

But there’s a problem: procurement.

Move faster than procurement

The procurement process can add months – or more – to an agency’s effort to obtain the system it desperately needs soon. The process requires voluminous documentation and thousands of hours to complete. And if the agency’s software project isn’t one of its state’s top priorities, the procurement office may not make the necessary resources available for many months.

But what if your agency doesn’t want to move at the speed of procurement?

GL Solutions has an alternative: a subscription-based installation that leverages our decades of government-licensing experience. Get the system you need quickly and leave the hard parts to us.

How it works

With our subscription-installation option, GL Solutions will develop a licensing system for your agency for a monthly fee determined by the number of system users. We will work with you to discover how your agency works. Then, relying upon best practices and our extensive business process library, we will design a system that allows your agency to work more efficiently.

The time needed to go live will depend upon your needs.

If you’d like to stand up a system very quickly, you can do so with a basic licensing system that can be enhanced continually after go-live.

If you’d like to go live with a more elaborate system – one that includes websites and handles inspections and enforcement, for example – that will take longer.  This system, too, can be enhanced continually after go-live through our support plans.

Whether you want to go live with a small system or large system, your agency will see results far more quickly through a GL Simple installation than it will thorough the traditional procurement process.


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