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How to Automate CE at Your Licensing Agency

How to Automate CE at Your Licensing Agency

CE Broker’s Sr. Director of External Affairs & Government Relations Kelly Parker shares how to modernize continuing education at your regulatory agency. She also discusses incorporating artificial intelligence into CE systems in a “safe and reasonable way.”...

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Most States Still Lag in Background Checks for Child Care Workers

The federal Office of Child Care reports that 27 states remain out of compliance with background check procedures for child care workers because they fail to conduct every required check, according to The 19th on April 23. The agency explained that only three states updated some of their policies, since a 2022 report to congress identified the states that failed to conduct some, if any of the background checks required by law. “Yet several states disputed the agency’s determination and provided detailed documentation on their background check procedures, opening the possibility that even the regulatory agency can’t say for certain where states are falling short,” says the 19th.

Ky. Passes Social Work Licensure Compact

Kentucky recently passed the Social Work Licensure Compact, enabling social workers to work in other states belonging to the compact. That bill takes effect in two years, according to LEX18 on April 17. According to Matt Schafer, the deputy program director with the Council of State Governments National Interstate Compacts, lawmakers created the compact with military spouses in mind, who move on average every one to two years.

Calif. Contractors Board Now Requires Licensed Electricians for Solar Energy Storage Retrofits

The California Contractors State License Board approved a new rule that bars licensed solar contractors from “installing new battery storage capacity to existing solar systems or from performing maintenance on battery storage systems including those they installed themselves,” according to Solar Power World on April 25. The projects now require a licensed electrician. The California Office of Administrative Law plans to review the rule to ensure the validity of the regulations. The rule takes effect as early as the Fall of 2024.

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