The Difference Between Agency Transformation and Agency Modernization

The American Rescue Plan Act provides funds and highlights the need to modernize regulatory software. And as a regulatory agency you strive to modernize the way you serve the public, as well as the way you run your agency. However, along with modernizing, your agency must also continually transform to meet the ever-changing demands of the public, the workplace and your state legislature. With cybersecurity issues, for example, your agency pivots to handle the latest threat; and like your approach to cybersecurity, you must continually transform to manage your ever-evolving agency.

What is agency modernization?

Agency modernization starts the process of upgrading your current systems. In an episode on Regulation Matters: a CLEAR conversation, panelists discuss agency transformation versus agency modernization.

Agency modernization involves:

  • Updating your agency’s current system
  • Reviewing your agency permissions and roles
  • Creating a new system from an old system

What is agency transformation?

Agency Transformation takes you a step further. Transformation involves your agency moving through different levels of growth and development towards an optimal agency; the process of transformation enables your agency to better run, grow and adapt.  And because your external environment always brings changes, agency transformation involves a continual evaluation of your system.

Agency transformation starts with your agency establishing the mission and vision for your agency. As you move through different phases of development, you gradually re-engineer your business processes—while supporting your agency’s workflow; your agency standardizes processes, promotes online self-service and embraces digital communication. Eventually, you move towards a model agency where your agency focuses on gathering data and measuring performance.

Agency transformation gives your agency a pathway to:

  • Make changes gradually—or dynamically
  • Re-engineer business processes
  • Use predefined milestones
  • Alleviate financial and staffing impacts

Why Choose Agency Transformation?

COVID highlighted the growing gap between the public’s regulatory needs and government service delivery.  The pandemic also disrupted state agency office-bound, tenured-centered workplaces.  The technology and experience needed to solve these problems exists today. Your agency needs a strategic approach to transform employee engagement, public safety, and licensee satisfaction.


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