Tool Evaluates Data Maturity Level in States

The Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation at Georgetown University recently launched a new tool that assesses a state’s data maturity level—and identifies areas for growth. According to the Beeck Center, The State Data Maturity Assessment, helps states “gain a comprehensive understanding of their successes and shortcomings in their data strategies and enhance their strategic and tactical plans.” The model for the assessment examines five different areas, including commitment, data talent pipeline and data action planning.

Va. Online Pathway to Teacher Licensure Shows Promise

iTeach, an online alternative to teacher licensing in Virginia, shows current enrollment at 950 people. The one-year-old program aims to tackle the teacher shortage in the state; current data from the Virginia Department of Education show a shortage of 3,600 teachers. According to DCNews Now on June 16, the program enables someone to earn a provisional license, while continuing to wok on the requirements for full licensure.

Braider to Challenge Licensing Decision in La. Supreme Court

Louisiana hair braider, Ashley N’Dakpri, along with lawyers from the Institute for Justice, decided to take their case opposing the state’s licensing requirements for hair braiders to the Louisiana Supreme Court. According to the Institute for Justice on June 24, the announcement comes after an appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling dismissing the case. Current Louisiana law requires hair braiders to complete 500 hours of training, pass several exams and pay annual fees

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