6 ways software keeps your licensing agency afloat

The COVID pandemic, along with the resulting Great Resignation, caused widespread staffing shortages across the U.S.—including at licensing agencies. Keep your staff from drowning in their work, with these six software solutions.

  1. Web portals: Web portals enable licensees to complete work themselves, eliminating the need for staff to help. If someone needs to renew their license, for example, let them log into a self-service website and renew the license by themselves.
  2. Workflow dashboards: Workflow dashboards help your staff work more independently, giving them a list of tasks to complete. And dashboards support a manger’s workload, by reducing the time they spend directly overseeing employees.
  3. Paperless office: Eliminate paper at your licensing agency, like paper applications and renewals. Self-service websites help you automate these processes, saving your staff time.
  4. Mobile-friendly website: Make your agency’s website mobile friendly—to enable people to use your site on the go. In addition, a mobile optimized website means fewer calls and emails with complaints about the ease-of-use of the site.
  5. User guides: Integrate user guides into your software application. These user guides guide your new staff step-by-step through your agency’s recurring business processes. And the guides ensure that current staff follow the process each time.
  6. Employee metrics: Track employee metrics, using a role-based system, to gauge the productivity of an employee, a team and a department. Reviewing metrics provides clarity around your team’s strengths, along with areas to improve.



Workflow dashboard

Workflow dashboard example

Provider portal Dashboard

Provider portal dashboard example

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