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Five phases of an optimal agency

The five phases of an optimal agency offer a snapshot of an agency at different levels of development. Read our descriptions and discover what phase your agency falls in. Or take our quick quiz for a personalized assessment.

Phase 1: Capacity Building

In Capacity Building Phase 1 your agency establishes the objectives and mission of the agency.  Phase 1 also includes evaluating your agency’s leadership capacity, as well as staff performance.  Your agency must formulate a high-level plan to achieve process standardization, including staff demands, project management, schedule and costs.

Phase 2: Process Standardization

In Process Standardization Phase 2, your agency creates standard processes for staff to follow; step-by-step guides help your staff to accurately follow these processes. Your agency must understand how the agency operates, as well as how those services are managed and processed.

Phase 3: Customer Service

Customer Service Phase 3 is characterized by promoting all public communication toward online self-service. This includes applications, permits, licenses, CE, background checks, enforcement, verification, status of licensure and claim status. In addition, your agency websites should be mobile enabled to support data entry for remote functions, such as investigations, surveys and inspections.

Phase 4: Integrated Service

In Integrated Service Phase 4, your agency embraces digital functionality and communication. Your agency provides online self-service to constituents, including an online communication portal. Data interfaces provide your staff with automatic alerts to address situations in a timely manner. Staff dashboards, enable all staff, including managers, to see staff to do lists—and keep metrics on staff performance related to these tasks.

Phase 5: Model Agency

In Model Agency Phase 5 your agency focuses on gathering data and measuring performance. The system now takes care of routine activities with tools like batch processing, enabling your staff to focus on work that requires analysis and discretion. Your agency uses clearly defined Key Performance Indicators—measures of success—to accurately reflect the agency’s effectiveness and accomplishments. And your agency reviews reports of these measures on a regular basis to help your agency improve. 

Why phases?

Phases help your agency make changes gradually, reengineering your business processes over time—supporting the workflow of your agency. With each new phase your agency benefits from accomplishing certain goals, as well as a new set of goals to work towards. In addition, phasing in change helps to space out the financial impact to your agency as well as in the budgeting and legislative processes.

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