Filling the Talent Pipeline at State Agencies

Research from the National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) focuses on ways to fill job vacancies in state government. According to Bridging talent gaps: a post pandemic priority for state CAOs, the Chief Administrative Officers surveyed use a number of ways to find the talent they need, including “casting a wider net for talent.” These CAOs also identified their top 10 strategies and priorities, including: becoming an employer of choice and transformative workforce development.

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Va. Removes Degree Requirements for State Jobs to Expand Applicant Pool

Virginia eliminated degree requirements for almost 90% of state jobs, starting July 1. Gov. Glen Youngkin, says the move enables the state to better deliver services to Virginians, while also improving hiring processes. The change, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch on May 30, affects the almost 20,000 job openings the state advertises each year.

Developing a Military Occupational Crosswalk

The Pennsylvania Department of State shares an initiative they developed to reduce licensing burdens for military veterans and their spouses. The department saw the need for guidance on transferring military credentials and experience into occupational licensing requirements. On Regulation Matters: A CLEAR conversation on May 23, they share the department’s solution – a Military Occupational Crosswalk. The episode features: “the challenges faced by the veteran community when applying for licensure, the purpose of the Crosswalk, the development of the Crosswalk, promotion of the Crosswalk to the various stakeholders, the impact that it’s had so far, and advice for other jurisdictions that may wish to undertake such an initiative.”

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