New Measures on Leadership and Management

Trust, compassion, stability and hope. According to Gallup, employees need leaders to exhibit these traits—to feel involved in their company and engaged in their work. In their latest assessment, Gallup measures employee “perceptions of their interactions with leaders and managers,” along with “experiences related to performance management” at their organization.

By exploring the following indicators, Gallup offers new metrics—along with some best practices—for managers on how to manage staff.


According to the Gallup article, employees who trust their organization’s leadership, “are 4.0 times as likely to be engaged.” And with engagement, Gallup explains, comes better business outcomes and performance.

Gallup provided several metrics to examine related to leadership. For example, Gallup asked respondents to rate the statement:

I trust the leadership of this organization. In May 2019, those that strongly agreed with the statement peaked, with 24% strongly agreeing. The percentage declined until June of 2022 and then started an upward trend in September 2022—the last time period measured.


Gallup focuses on communication in their assessment of managers, explaining they need to “coach people to succeed.” Gallup measured several areas related to management.

They asked employees for feedback on the following statements:

  • My immediate supervisor keeps me informed about what is going on in my organization. From a peak of 33% strongly agreeing with the statement in June 2021 to a low of 26% one year later, the latest measure shows 28% strongly agree.
  • My supervisor is an active supporter of the changes that affect our workgroup. Gallup’s metrics show a steady incline from 25% strongly agreeing with the statement in January 2003 to 30% in September 2022.

Performance Management

Gallup argues that “exceptional performance management matters.” They dissuade managers from using “antiquated” review methods, and to shift to a mindset of a coach versus a boss.

Gallup surveyed employees related to performance management. The research drew several conclusions:

  • Performance management approaches are failing. Only 19% strongly agreed with the following statement in the latest assessment in September 2022: My performance is managed in a way that motivates me to do outstanding work.
  • Managers need to collaborate more with employees on their goals. Only 24% in September 2022 strongly agreed with the statement: My manager includes me in goal setting.
  • Many employees do not receive timely feedback. In response to the statement: I have received meaningful feedback in the last week, only 22% in February 2023, agreed with that statement.

Discover more indicators, along with graphs that chart these measures, at Gallup’s Leadership and Management Indicators page.

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