Artificial Intelligence Roadmap for Your Regulatory Agency

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers offers a dozen ideas for states to review as they build an artificial intelligence roadmap. Your AI Blueprint: 12 Key Considerations as States Develop Their Artificial Intelligence Roadmaps offers ideas ranging from expanding AI expertise to collaborating with industry partners. The NASCIO blueprint also outlines a host of government and industry AI resources.

Measurable Impacts of Universal Licensing on the Labor Market

Ed Timmons, who runs the Knee Regulatory Research Center, details the results of his organization’s research on universal licensing. According to Timmons, on the Cato Daily Podcast, universal licensing policies exist in 21 states. He says his research shows that “universal recognition offers strong, measurable implications for the labor market.” States that passed reforms, he explained, experienced these measurable impacts.

  • A 1% increase in employment
  • Significant increase in in-migration
  • Increased labor marketing participation
  • Easier access to employment

Delaware’s Uniquely Licensed Occupations

In the 2023 State Occupational Licensing Index, Delaware ranks 34th nationally—with first the most burdensome. Of the 173 occupations that Delaware establishes minimum entry requirements to work, 14 occupations require licensure in 20 states or fewer nationally, according to the Knee Regulatory Research Center. For example, Delaware remains one of only three states in the country to issue a separate license for Master HVACR and one of only six states to license eastern medicine practitioners.

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