September 21, 2021

Meet Configuration Specialist Melinda Teed

GL Solutions Melinda Teed

Q: What do you like most about working at GL Solutions?

A: I look forward to having to learn something new almost every day.

Q: What is your title and how long have you worked at GL Solutions?

A: I’m an app developer working on the Configuration Specialist team. I will have been here 4 months at the end of September.

Q: What sort of work do you do each day to meet our mission: GL Solutions helps governments run, grow and adapt?

A: I currently work on the functionality of websites where users fill out applications or update their address or renew a license. I like to think what I do every day brings efficiency and modernizes business practices for clients and for people using client websites. I’d also say the work I do reduces paperwork.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I’m a fan of chickens. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I love watching chickens. You can see the personalities of all the people you know: Some are loners and keep to themselves. Others gather in noisy groups. Some are skittish and run from the unknown while others are super-curious and rush toward the unknown. There’s usually one or two that’s in everyone’s business, and one that tries to keep everyone else in line. Some strut around while others just ignore them—letting that one think he/she is superior. Some wander far from the group while others tend to stay near. Some are instantly likeable. Others, well, we all know people who have to grow on us a little before we like them.

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