September 9, 2020

Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board updates website search

GL Suite at work

GL Solutions recently completed a project to update the licensure verification website used by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, a client since 2010. This project is one of several the board has ordered to update and expand its website and GL Suite application, which went live in 2011.

The website allows members of the public to verify the status of the individuals and corporations the agency licenses. The website’s many users include consumers who’ve hired builders to work on their homes, building departments verifying licenses on permits and banks processing construction loans.

The previous, longstanding website search was not as intuitive as many users would have preferred, says Suanne Parnell, associate programming analyst with the home builders board. Name fields, for instance, had to be filled out precisely to generate the desired search result unless users employed a wildcard character – in this case an asterisk. Though the website featured search instructions, some users did not use them and ran into problems as a result.

The new search function is more intuitive and forgiving and behaves more like a Google search, says Parnell. Among other things, it will produce licensee names that sound like those users seek, eliminating the need to spell precisely.

The licensee search project is one of a group the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board has ordered recently, and it is the first to be completed. Another is a renewal process for roofer licenses, which the state Legislature mandated in 2018. The board has ordered an update to its online renewal login and dashboard. GL Solutions also is developing a process for the home builders board to track continuing education credits, which soon will be required for license renewal.

Staff at the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board use GL Suite to track and process all home builder and roofer licenses and renewals, as well as unlicensed builder activity and consumer complaints.

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