August 24, 2021

How to manage enforcement efficiently

Manage enforcement

Child welfare agencies must act quickly and consistently when problems with providers arise. Whether the trigger is a serious incident report, a complaint from the public or a failed inspection, regulatory officials must gather the necessary information and prescribe the appropriate solution or penalty. GL Suite can simplify what is normally a complex exercise.

Automate enforcement-related business processes

GL Suite is a highly configurable platform that can automate a wide variety of enforcement-related business processes. When an enforcement case is created, the application links it with respondents and complainants stored in the system. It also links the case with associated inspections or investigations. Such connections provide agency officials with an accurate historical account.

Track people involved in enforcement actions

Meanwhile, the application allows agencies to track and manage the people who will be involved in the enforcement action. It stores documentation collected as the action progresses and generates notifications to complainants and others. GL Suite also streamlines the creation of corrective action plans and tracks negative actions, including license revocations.

Go paperless with e-licensing

With GL Suite, agencies can build comprehensive e-licensing systems tailored to their unique regulatory requirements and processes. Agencies that want to go paperless and work remotely can do so with online applications and renewals. Self-service websites allow licensees to pay fees, download license certificates and even update their mailing addresses without picking up a pen, using a stamp or calling your staff.

Support remote inspections

The system supports remote inspections, allowing your inspectors to complete their work without visiting the office. The system even tracks inspectors’ locations, ensuring that they conduct the inspections they’ve been assigned.

Learn more about managing enforcement with GL Suite

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