How clients use online license verification websites

GL Suite at work

GL Suite helps meet real agency needs. Learn how these clients protect the public using online license verification websites.

  • Medical boards
    The Arizona Medical Board, along with other medical board clients, use online verification sites to confirm medical staff licensing status in the state, locations of practice, existence and status of enforcement actions, etc.
  • State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board
    The Alabama agency uses an online verification site to allow the public to search for building contractors.
  • Cosmetology boards
    Clients, including the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, use an online verification search to allow the public to search for cosmetology and barber salons and professionals.
  • Medical related agencies
    GL Solutions’ medically related agencies use similar online search sites, including boards of dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, emergency medical services, as well as veterinary medicine.

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