January 25, 2021

Communication management saves time

communication management

GL Solutions’ clients include human service agencies that license large numbers of facilities and programs serving vulnerable people. The agencies’ specialists communicate constantly with their licensees, sending notices, processing applications, receiving phone calls and handling large numbers of emails.

Managing all of this information can be difficult. But doing it efficiently is necessary, both for the agencies’ protection and that of the children and vulnerable adults they serve.

GL Solutions has developed integrated communication management within the GL Suite application to serve busy agencies of all kinds.

Here are some of the ways the application makes communicating easier:

  • GL Suite allows your team to email standard messages such as inspection notices to individuals or large groups. The application merges data into customizable templates, which can be sent using common desktop email software.
  • Emails, phone calls and other electronic files can be stored automatically with the records to which they relate. Employees can easily retrieve all interactions with any licensee.
  • Through optical character recognition, the application can scan incoming forms and populate assigned fields in GL Suite.
  • Web portals that integrate with GL Suite allow agencies to communicate efficiently with licensees.

Integrated communication management in GL Suite makes it easier for agency employees to work away from the office when necessary and for the agency itself to go paperless.

Learn more about communication management

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