May 25, 2021

Automate license applications, renewals with a health agency expert

license application

Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker introduced a bill this month that would transfer more than a  dozen licensing boards to the state Department of Health. It’s not a unique proposal. Regulatory boards in many states live under constant threat of such shuffling or, worse, consolidation and even elimination. Periodically, though, policymakers and taxpayers are reminded of what licensing professionals do and why it matters.

In 2019, an audiology practice in New York state was fined more than $500,000 for using unlicensed and unsupervised employees to perform audiology exams, then billing Medicare as if the exams had been done by licensed professionals.

In 2020, an unlicensed food delivery service in California sickened several students at the University of California, Davis, by delivering hundreds of meals that were not kept properly chilled or heated for long periods.

And then there was the 2013 salmonella outbreak in Minneapolis tied to an unlicensed guinea pig supplier, illegal slaughter at a meat market and … well, you can read more here if you really want to.

Licensing professionals keep people from being sickened and swindled, and GL Solutions has been helping them do this work for more than 20 years. Whether they’re large or small, well-funded or lodged in a sprawling state health department, regulatory agencies can become more efficient by using the configurable GL Suite application.

Licensing and renewals

Without software automation, licensing providers and facilities is a time-consuming process that can frustrate applicants. And like all manual processes, the odds of making mistakes are high. If regulatory officials miss important steps and issue licenses in error, the public could be endangered.

The GL Suite application reduces data entry time through intuitive tools such as one-screens, which allow multiple data points to be entered on a single screen. Staff dashboards ensure that licesne applications and renewals are routed to the right people at the right time. Meanwhile, integrated Process Guides walk staff through every business process, including license applications and renewals, ensuring that work is done correctly and efficiently.

GL Suite will not issue or renew a license until all requirements are met. When they are, the application can issue the license electronically, reducing paper use and supporting the ability of licensing staff to work remotely. Remote work can be supported further through secure online portals that allow applicants and licensees to communicate with your staff, upload documents and enter information from any location with an Internet connection.

When renewal deadlines approach, the system can send notices automatically at any intervals your agency chooses.

Health Agency Expertise

While procuring a software system or updating the one you have can be intimidating, GL Solutions’ decades of experience ensure success. Over scores of installations, we’ve refined our project management methodology to meet the unique needs of regulatory agencies – including health-related agencies. Our current clients include boards of medicine and pharmacy as well as departments of environmental health, behavioral health, and emergency medical services.

Whatever your agency regulates, chances are we’ve seen it and automated it before. With GL Solutions, you won’t be a guinea pig.

Learn more about automating license applications and renewals

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