Are CIOs a Threat to Modernization?

Research on digital government uncovered a mismatch “between the institutional roles mandated to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and the organizational and management skills that people in those roles tend to have.” The research cited institutional arrangements, such as bureaucratic structures, as a challenge to digitizing government. Read more about additional barriers and solutions, as well as the research paper from the Government Information Quarterly.

Updated Nursing Licensure Exam Launches in April Amid Increasing Fail Rates

Pass rates for the National Council Licensure Exam fell over the past years, from 88.2% in 2019 to 80.9% in 2022, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. David Benton, CEO of the national board told Becker’s Healthcare on Feb. 7, “Anecdotally, we are fairly certain that the pandemic has had an outsized impact on NCLEX pass rates over the past three years.” In April 2023, NCSBN plans to launch an enhancement of the current exam—the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN).

Wis. Licensing Dept. Will be Audited, Amid Licensing Delays

Wisconsin lawmakers ordered an audit of Wisconsin’s professional licensing process, following complaints from people waiting weeks or months for credentials. Wisconsin’s Department of Safety and Professional Services reported that average wait times for license approval numbered 45 days, as of last year. According to Wisconsin Public Radio on Feb. 8, The Department of Safety and Professional Services oversees over 240 types of licenses for professions from nurses to accountants.

More Top Regulatory Headlines

Minnesota Police Licensing Board Adopts Sweeping Changes to Stop Extremists from Becoming Officers

Regulators Collaborate to Digitize CME for America’s Doctors 

Modernization, Cybersecurity Funding Tops MNIT Budget Ask


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Regulatory News Roundup

Report: Modernizing to Attract & Retain Cyber Talent

Report: Modernizing to Attract & Retain Cyber Talent A report on state government cybersecurity workforce aims to help states by identifying the steps needed to bridge their cybersecurity workforce challenges. Securing States: Modernizing to Attract & Retain...

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