January 29, 2021

Anti-Mask Doctor Sues Ore. Medical Board for Suspension

anti mask doctor

Anti-Mask MD Sues Ore. Medical Board for Suspension

An anti-mask doctor from Oregon whose license was suspended in December for failing to require staff and patients to wear masks has sued the Oregon Medical Board. The board suspended Steven Arthur LaTulippe’s medical license Dec. 3, arguing that his practice presents a serious danger to public health, The Oregonian reports. LaTulippe filed a federal lawsuit Jan. 21 alleging that the suspension violated due process and speech rights.

Mass. Marijuana Dispensaries Sue Cannabis Board Over Equity Rules

Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries sued the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Jan. 13 over new rules that allow only members of certain disenfranchised groups to deliver cannabis products for the first three years, according to the Boston Business Journal. Applicants for delivery licenses must come under the commission’s two equity programs, the social equity program and economic empowerment program. Marijuana dispensaries argue the stipulation violates a state law that allows retailers to deliver their own products.

Calif. Expedites Professional Licensure for Refugees

Since Jan. 1, California has provided expedited licensing for refugees and immigrant professionals with special visa status. The new rules don’t guarantee a license or registration, only that the process will be expedited. The announcement appears on California’s Department of Consumer Affairs website. According to the website, the DCA licenses and regulates 3.9 million licensees, including accountants, physicians and security guards.

Ind. Bill Would Eliminate Licensure for Cosmetologists

An Indiana bill would eliminate state licensure requirements for cosmetologists, barbers, hair stylists, nail technicians and estheticians, according to WNDU.com. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Tim Wesco, R-Osceola, who says he’d like consumers to have greater authority to choose professionals. A Change.org petition opposing the bill has gathered more than 26,000 signatures.

Wis. Nursing Home Workers Quit After Vaccine Mandate

Nearly a dozen employees quit after Wisconsin’s Rock Haven nursing home mandated COVID vaccinations, a staff member recently told Channel 3000.  The nursing home, run by Rock County, is one of only a few in South-Central Wisconsin to make vaccination a condition of employment. Several county board members have said they intend to challenge the nursing home’s rule at a Jan. 28 board meeting.

Nursing Home Chain with 2,800 Deaths Pays CEO $5.2M

In October, nursing home chain Genesis HealthCare authorized a $5.2 million retention bonus for CEO George Hager, according to The Washington Post. The company’s nursing homes experienced 2,812 COVID deaths as of mid-December, a larger number than in comparable chains, according to The Post. Genesis also has been warning investors in recent months that it may not be able to continue as a going concern because of high costs and low occupancy rates related to the pandemic. Hager retired Jan. 5.


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