October 5, 2022

5 Steps to Mature in Your Agency Communications

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How well does your regulatory agency communicate—both externally with the public and internally with staff?  Review the following five steps and see where your agency falls. Then learn how to level up your agency’s communications.

Step 1: Communicate your vision

In step 1, your agency builds capacity by establishing the objectives and mission of your agency. Clarifying your agency’s vision helps staff move towards the same targets.

Question to ask yourself: What is the purpose of your agency?

Step 2: Create workflow guides

In step 2 you standardize your agency’s processes and create user guides for your staff to follow. These instructional guides help your staff to execute your agency’s business processes step by step.

Question to ask yourself: Does everyone use your software and other tools the same way?

Step 3: Offer online services

In step 3, your agency offers the public online self-service; for example, people submit their applications, permits, licenses and background checks online.

Question to ask yourself: What kinds of activities can only be performed on paper?

Step 4: Use communication automation

In step 4, your agency supports information flowing in and out of your agency with automation. For example, your agency automates routine emails to licensees, such as a licensing renewal reminders.

Question to ask yourself: If you were guessing, what percentage of license renewals require any staff activity?

Step 5: Harness your metrics

By the time you reach step 5, your model agency communicates efficiently, enabling staff to focus on your agency’s Key Performance Indicators—or measures of success. Your agency takes the time to review these measures on a regular basis, helping your agency to continually improve.

Question to ask yourself: What reports and other tools are produced that allow you to know whether the agency is meeting statutory requirements?


How to level up

Interested in leveling up the communications of your agency? Try these ideas:

  • Tailored assessment: Take our quick quiz to get an individualized assessment of your agency. The quiz takes about a minute. We review your responses and reach out by email with a tailored assessment of your agency’s communication efficiency.
  • Learn more: Read more about how to transform your agency. Read an overview of the five phases of development for a model agency from Capacity Building Phase to Model Agency Phase.
  • Contact us: Reach out for more information about transforming your agency’s communication. To learn more, call us at (971) 337-2659 or email us at hello@glsolutions.com.

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