December 19, 2019

Website style update service

Specialized solutions for regulatory agencies

GL Solutions offers clients a Website Style Update service. The service helps clients design a style sheet to improve the look, feel and functionality of the client’s website. Initially, GL Solutions gathers a client’s business requirements. Then, following best practices, GL Solutions creates mock-ups, as well as graphics, for client approval. GL Solutions develops the style sheet using Cascade Styling Sheets (CSS). Once finalized, the client uses the finished style sheets to create a website with a consistent look and feel—either working with GL Solutions or on their own. GL Solutions makes the individual web pages and the finished website mobile compatible/mobile responsive.

Learn more about GL Solutions’ website style update service

To learn more, email us at or call at (541) 337-2659. For current clients, please contact your agency partner. GL Solutions strives to support your agency with software designed to grow and adapt with your agency. We look forward to hearing from you.


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