February 22, 2021

Web portals make communicating easy

web portals

The screenshot below illustrates the convenience of communicating with licensees through self-service Web portals. It shows part of a screen within a portal GL Solutions built for a client that licenses residential facilities, among other things.

​The Web portal’s Communications Center provides a convenient tool for licensees to email questions to agency staff and receive responses. This particular portal contains a second mailbox for correspondences, which include notices, wall certificates and other communications the agency sends to licensees. The Communications Center can be configured in any way an agency wants.

​Communications sent and received using a Web portal work seamlessly with other GL Suite communication tools. These include customizable templates that allow agencies to send correspondences to licensees, individually or in batches. Communication management functionalities also include email management, which refers to the ability of GL Suite to save emails to and from licensees along with related records within the system. Such automated storage makes communications easy to locate and difficult to lose.

​All of GL Suite’s communication management functionalities, from templates to Web portals, help agencies operate without paper and increase convenience. They allow your licensees to submit documentation, ask questions and download certificates even when your staff aren’t at the office. They also help your staff do their jobs when they’re forced to work from home.

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Web Portal Communications Center

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