September 22, 2020

Two agencies, one flexible installation solution

GL Suite software

Many clients have chosen to work with GL Solutions through a traditional procurement process that involves the development of a request for proposals and the scoring of responses and software demonstrations. Some, however, have opted for the speed and simplicity of a GL Simple installation.

Currently, GL Solutions is developing licensing systems for two agencies that have chosen the GL Simple route. They are the New Mexico Children Youth & Families Department and the Nevada State Fire Marshal. During installation, both clients pay a monthly fee determined by their user counts. After go-live, they will be able to expand their systems further using the GL Simple support plan, which also includes hosting and defect correction.


Two very different agencies

The New Mexico Children Youth & Families Department engaged GL Solutions in May 2020 to develop a licensing system for a range of services and facilities related to foster care, behavioral health and residential treatment. The GL Suite application also will manage investigations and enforcement actions and support websites that serve the needs of both licensees and the public.

The agency is one of a growing list of human services agencies that have chosen to partner with GL Solutions.

The Nevada State Fire Marshal engaged GL Solutions in July 2020 to develop a system that will handle a wide array of fire protection licensing. The fire marshal licenses all fire-protection industries in the state, from companies that install sprinkler systems to people who perform with fire at casinos.


GL Simple flexibility supports different needs

The GL Simple installation process allows agencies to go live quickly with a limited system or go live less quickly with a more complex system. GL Solutions is working with the Nevada State Fire Marshal to stand up a basic back-end system quickly to ease work during an upcoming renewal season. Additional functionality can be added after go-live using projects included in the GL Simple support plan. Time pressure is less acute for the New Mexico Children Youth & Families Department, which will go live with a fuller system.

Learn more about GL Solutions’ GL Simple installation option on our website or call us at (971) 337-2659.

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