September 15, 2021

Track Residential Beds with GL Suite

bed tracking

If your agency regulates residential facilities for children and vulnerable adults, safety is your primary focus. But availability matters, too. Your agency, then, must ensure not only that your providers meet health and safety requirements, but also that group homes and similar facilities provide the capacity you need where you need it. By tracking beds, the GL Suite application can help your agency address capacity challenges.

Bed Tracking in Practice

What does bed tracking look like in practice? It looks like a system GL Solutions built recently for an agency that licenses providers of residential facilities for children and adults with developmental and mental-health disabilities. The comprehensive system automates licensing, investigations and enforcement. In addition, it tracks residential treatment beds by type and location. The data, which is displayed in a graphical Business Intelligence report, can support the expedited licensing of applications in some circumstances.

Bed Tracking Possibilities

The GL Suite system, which uses Microsoft’s sophisticated database technology, can track beds in other ways as well. An agency could use the system to track both individuals and beds with specific services and locations, providing a real-time snapshot of availability. If your agency has a bed-tracking need for which you haven’t seen a solution, please give us a call. We’ll consult with our technical experts and show you what’s possible.

To Learn More

To learn more about GL Solutions and the GL Suite application, visit our website, email us at, request a demo or call at 971.337.2659.  

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