June 17, 2020

Track license application requirements

Your agency must verify that license applicants satisfy all requirements. What if your agency lacks the ability to track such information automatically? Unfortunately, the inability to track requirements sometimes results in unqualified applicants gaining approval, placing the public at risk and compromising your agency’s reputation. Imagine what might happen if your agency overlooked a failed background check and accidentally issued a medical license to an unqualified person. The right software can allow you to avoid such mistakes by tracking requirements automatically and accurately.

Processing applications creates opportunities for inefficiency and errors:

  • Staff track requirements manually.
  • Agency fails to track requirements thoroughly.
  • Agency approves unqualified individuals.
  • Process exposes agency to liability.
  • Agency faces negative press.
  • Public exposed to harm.
  • Agency fails internal audits.

Tracking requirements protects the public

​​Choose a system that allows your agency track requirements in a number of ways. The software application offers standard functionality to set priorities and manage staff work. The application allows supervisors to view and manage staff work queues and to send notifications automatically to process tasks.  Automated workflow rules prevent the issuance of licenses until all requirements are met. Built-in Process Guides prevent mistakes, meanwhile, by providing step-by-step instructions for each business process.

Benefits of tracking application requirements automatically

  • Thorough and accurate tracking.
  • Only qualified applicants approved.
  • Agency protects the public.
  • Agency protected from potential liability.
  • Agency avoids negative press.
  • Agency passes internal audits.

When looking for software that helps your agency track requirements, some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Manages staff work queues.
  • Automatically assigns staff work.
  • Automatically calculates due dates.
  • Routes work through steps.
  • Helps staff manage priorities.
  • Sends notifications about tasks.
  • Automates workflow processes.
  • Offers online help.
  • Guides users step-by-step through processes.

GL Suite at work: How clients use GL Suite to track requirements

GL Suite helps meet real agency needs. Learn how these clients succeed by using GL Suite to track requirements.

  • Arizona Supreme Court
    The Arizona Supreme Court’s Character and Fitness application requires the tracking of 24 requirements. When a requirement must be completed by a certain date, GL Suite assigns a due date and can automatically set the application to denied if any requirements are not met on time. ​
  • Medical boards
    Medical boards, such as the Arizona Medical Board, the North Carolina Medical Board and the Wyoming Board of Medicine, track over 25 requirements that must be completed to obtain MD, DO, PA, RTL and other medical licenses. Tracking work histories, medical school records, criminal histories and other requirements manually is time-consuming and prone to error.

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