States Consider an Interstate Licensing Compact for Teachers

At least 10 states plan to consider joining an interstate licensing compact for teachers; the compact enables teachers in states that join to get certified more easily in other member states. According to Marketplace on February 2, the Department of Defense proposed the compact because people in the military move frequently, and their spouses struggle to find teaching jobs in new places. Adam Diersing, a policy analyst with the Council of State Governments, works with states to develop compact agreements; he sees these agreements as a way to help meet teacher demand.  

Iowa Gov. Proposes New Licensing Division

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds proposes creating a new professional licensing division to include both health and occupational licenses. According to The Gazette, currently 11 agencies handle over 100 professional licensing functions. Reynolds offered a broad outline of these proposed changes in her state budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Do Medical Licensing Questions on Health Conditions Pose a Barrier to Physicians Seeking Treatment? 

The JMR podcast interviews guests about their article, “Do Medical Licensing Questions on Health Conditions Pose a Barrier to Physicians Seeking Treatment? A Literature Review,” published in the Journal of Medical Regulation. According to the authors, they reviewed the “current body of literature on the impact of these medical licensure questions on physician health-seeking behavior as well as patient care.”

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