June 15, 2022

State Agencies Experiment with Remote Work Models

Regulatory Roundup

State Agencies Experiment with Remote Work Models

While some state agencies required their workforce to return to the office, other states chose a different approach. A recent survey shows that over half of the state and local government agencies surveyed have approximately 25 percent of their staff still working remotely. According to StateTech on June 13, Connecticut agreed to permanently allow most employees to telecommute up to four days each week. While in Maine, remote and hybrid work remain an option for some employees.

Texas Ed. Board Questions Changes to Teacher Licensing Exam

Earlier this year, the State Board for Educator Certification voted to recommend that a new exam replace Texas’ existing teacher assessment tool. In fact, Texas piloted the proposed assessment — called the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment, or edTPA test — for the last three years. At a hearing on Tuesday, according to the Dallas Morning News, the “State Board of Education members worried about the price of the new exam, its history in other states and the possibility of creating a state-approved monopoly. Several members acknowledged the need for a new test, but didn’t see edTPA as the best option.”

Pa. Commission to Raise License and Permit Fees

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission plans to raise permit and license fees for 2023. The commission’s Executive Director Tim Schaeffer explained that in 2020 the General Assembly gave the commission the power to increase fees—a power previously held by the legislature. Schaeffer explained that “the goal is to simply raise the fees enough to keep up with the cost of doing business.” The Deputy Executive Director Brian Barner said that revenues “remained relatively flat” since the last increase in 2005, with costs increasing 21% over the same period, according to the Times Observer on June 14.


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