A Complete Communication System

automatic emails

Automate Letters and Emails

Generate thousands of notices and deficiency letters automatically and send them to applicants and licensees.
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audit trail

Satisfy Retention Requirements

GL Suite automatically files emails with related records in the system, establishing an easily accessed audit trail.
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self service websites

Use Self-Service Websites

Reduce staff time devoted to answering calls and processing licenses by enabling regulated parties to file and monitor their status online.
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share information securely

Share Info Quickly & Securely

Give colleagues and other agencies secure access to the information in your system they need to do their jobs.
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Reporting tools

Gain Insights That Save Time & Money

Powerful reporting tools in GL Suite help your staff discover the root causes of many common problems.
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automate letters and emails

Automate Letters and Emails

GL Suite allows you to send customizable emails, letters and other communication automatically. Notifications can be scheduled or sent after a triggering event such as a change in license status or when a renewal is due in the next 90 days. With email automation, you can:

  • Send thousands of emails and letters
  • Communicate on a schedule
  • Send escalating notices
  • Reduce paper use

Satisfy Retention Requirements

Organizations that send thousands of emails per month often have trouble tracking and storing them. GL Suite can file emails, responses and attached files automatically in the system under related records. GL Suite allows you to:

  • File emails automatically and logically
  • Meet communication retention requirements
  • Maintain an audit trail
  • Boost staff efficiency
automatically file email
self-service websites

Use Self-Service Websites

GL Solutions builds websites that allow organizations to share information with the public and regulated parties. Self-service websites save staff time while allowing the public and your licensees to get the information they want when they want it. Websites allow your organization to:

  • Update regulated parties on license and certification status
  • Regulated parties can submit all documentation online
  • Organizations can view and update credentials for employees from a single portal
  • Offer 24-hour information access

Share Information Quickly and Securely

People in other departments need information in your system to do their jobs, so they call your staff for help. By adjusting security in GL Suite, you can give colleagues appropriate access to information in your system, satisfying them while easing the burden on your staff. Flexible security in GL Suite allows your organization to:

  • Respond efficiently to information requests from colleagues
  • Share information in a timely fashion
  • Reduce information-access complaints by other departments
  • Generate reports and export data that your board and other agencies require
share information secrely
gl solutions reporting

Gain Insights That Save Time and Money

Data visualization, reports and drill-down capability in GL Suite can help identify the root causes of common application and renewal mistakes, allowing your staff to eliminate them quickly. This reduces time spent explaining problems to applicants and returning incorrect application packets. GL Suite’s data tools allow your organization to:

  • Handle large numbers of applications and renewals
  • Reduce application errors
  • Use staff more efficiently
  • Improve agency performance and response times continuously


tips for effective communication

During a time when agencies must accomplish more with less, efficiency is key. GL Solutions’ free guide, Five Keys to Effective Communication for Regulatory Agencies, covers key opportunities to buy yourself and your agency more time for mission-critical activities.