November 18, 2020

Prepare for office disruptions with self-service websites

online license application
Self-service websites built by GL Solutions can help regulatory agencies avoid work disruptions caused by pandemics and other events that force staff from the office.
  • With websites, your licensees can renew online at their own convenience. If your agency chooses, it can stop accepting paper renewals completely. Remote staff will not have to make periodic trips to the office to pick up mailed renewal packets. License applications can be handled online as well.
  • Self-service web portals can allow those you regulate to log in, check their status and even make credit card payments. They won’t need to interact with your staff at all.
  • Licensee verification sites allow members of the public to search for and review license status, disciplinary actions and other information. Because verification sites are tied to the GL Suite application, information is always current.
  • GL Solutions clients determine their websites’ content, look and feel.

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