Top Security Trends for 2023

The Top 23 Security Predictions for 2023, Part 1 and Part 2, rounds up security predictions from a variety of sources.  One source, Presidio, for example, predicts “exponential growth in ransomware attacks” to continue in 2023. Another source, the Atos company, suggests building a cybersecurity compliance program. The author, Dan Lohrmann, summarizes his findings by saying, “In state and local governments in the U.S., I expect to see the new federal grant dollars flowing and new cybersecurity plans emerging for many states — especially with new and recently re-elected governors.

Mont. New Teacher Licenses Decline in 2022

A teacher licensure report released January 6 from the state of Montana shows a decline in teacher licenses in 2022. New licenses numbered 1,207 in 2022, down from 1,646 in 2021. Superintendent Elsie Arntzen said, “As I’ve said before, our schools mirror the many help wanted signs in businesses throughout our Montana communities.” Maintained licenses numbered 5,204 in 2021 and 5,256 in 2022; maintained teacher licenses include renewals, upgrades and added endorsements to current Montana teaching licenses. 

Wyo. Bills Propose Joining Interstate Licensing Compacts for Psychologists

New legislation in Wyoming proposes easing licensing requirements for psychologists, as well as for licensed professional counselors. The Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee sponsored two bills that propose the state join both the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, also known as PSYPACT, and the Counseling Compact. Joining interstate compacts enables psychologists and counselors to practice across all the states who joined with a license from their home state. According to the Buffalo Bulletin on December 29, “the agreements for psychologists and counselors come at a critical moment as Wyoming continues to search for solutions to mental health challenges worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.”


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