Tips for Retaining your Regulatory Workforce

A report from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers reveals ways to improve worker retention. Securing States: Modernizing to Attract & Retain Cyber Talent from March 2023 includes results from a roundtable discussion, including the single most impactful action to recruit and retain IT workforce. When posed that question, roundtable participants listed several actions, including “aligning IT job titles, classifications and descriptions more closely to the private sector.” Whether IT workers

New Requirements for Mich. Builders License Renewal

Michigan builders renewing their license must now upload a copy of their certificate of completion for continuing competency. In the past, builders self-verified that they completed the continuing competency requirement, according to the Detroit Free Press on July 19. The Michigan Occupational Health and Safety Administration specifies that builders finish 3 or 21 hours of continuing competency each renewal cycle depending on the date of initial licensure in certain subject areas.

Oversight of Ariz. Funeral Industry Moves to Dept. of Health

The Arizona Department of Health Services now oversees the state’s funeral industry, following the elimination of the Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. According to a press release from the ADHS on July 21, oversight of the almost 1,800 licenses associated with the funeral industry now transitions to the department. A new Funeral Services Licensing section on their website helps support licensing and regulation related to the industry.

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