State Nursing Boards Crack Down on Nurse Licensing Scam

States continue to track down nurses with “bogus” licenses, following the discovery that three Florida schools sold diplomas to 7,600 people. The Department of Justice’s Operation Nightingale found diploma recipients paid an average of $15,000 for these bogus diplomas. According to McKnights on March 6, “licensing boards and commissions in Washington state, Delaware and Georgia have rescinded or asked for the voluntary surrender of 65 licenses.” 

Social Work Interstate Licensure Compact Proposed

The Council of State Governments partnered with the Department of Defense and the Association of Social Work Boards to develop a new interstate compact for social workers. According to the website for the compact, the licensing pathway “will facilitate multistate practice among member states and reduce the barriers to license portability.” The proposed compact enables regulated social workers with bachelor’s, master’s and clinical licenses to works in states that join the compact.

N.C. Education Board Votes for Licensing Pilot

The North Carolina State Board of Education voted to ask lawmakers to allow them to try a new teacher licensing pilot program. The multi-year pilot program proposes to compensate teachers not on years of experience, but on their performance. According to the Transylvania Times, “critics of the current licensure system which links pay to years of service, say it’s failing to retain teachers and improve student learning substantially.”

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