State Cyber Security Grant Program: Congress Urged to Preserve Funding

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers, along with other organizations representing state and local governments, urged Congress to maintain funding for the State and Local Cyber Security Grant Program (SLCGP). In a June 3 letter, signed by seven organizations, government leaders implored congress to maintain the $100 million in funding approved for FY25 under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). The leaders stated: “In reality, cyber-attacks represent existential threats to business and national security that impact the daily functioning of our society and economy. While much work has been done by state and local governments to implement stronger cybersecurity protocols and address vulnerabilities, sustained federal funding is critical to ensure continued momentum.”

La. Bill Eliminates State’s Unique Florist Licensing Requirements

The Louisiana State Legislature passed a bill to eliminate the state’s florist testing and licensing requirements. According to the Institute for Justice on May 30, Louisiana remains the only state that requires a state license to create and sell floral arrangements. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk. According to the IJ, “if HB 933 were signed into law, that written exam would no longer be required, and anyone would be free to earn a living selling flowers after paying a permit fee of between $70 and $100.”

American Bar Association Asks States to Offer “Diverse Pathways” to Licensure

The American Bar Association adopted a new policy statement that endorses other pathways to attorney licensing beyond passing the bar exam. According to Australasian Lawyer on May 31, the ABA’s Council of the Section of Legal Education adopted a new policy that urges states to “create diverse pathways to licensure.” The article points to Oregon and Washington now offering apprenticeship options for law school graduates.

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