Do your agency’s inspectors miss appointments?

Does your agency sometimes pay unnecessary overtime and mileage because inspections are not mapped and scheduled efficiently?

If so, you need mobile inspection functionality that schedules inspections according to location.

Don’t rely on guesswork

Too often, inspectors review a list of appointments and allow guesswork to determine their routes of travel. This inevitably leads to late or missed appointments along with wasted time and gas – for which your agency pays.

GL Suite’s mobile inspections application creates inspection schedules organized by location, ensuring that inspectors make their appointments and maximize their time in the field. The system can also balance the loads of multiple inspectors automatically. Such coordination helps teams cover regions quickly.

Keep your inspectors organized

GL Suite’s dashboards keep your inspectors organized, providing information about locations, deadlines and priorities. The application also uses your inspectors’ locations and schedules to support ad hoc inspections.

Learn more about improving mobile inspection efficiency

Several GL Solutions clients use GL Suite’s mobile inspection functionality, including the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, Wyoming Board of Cosmetology and North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners.

Learn more about our Licensing and Permitting Solutions.

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