What does your agency do?
A: The Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board regulates residential construction through licensing, enforcement and consumer protection. Our agency processes over 8,000 new and renewal license applications annually. We also investigate and process more than 150 unlicensed builders and 160 consumer complaints each year.

Q: What is your role within your agency?
A: My current classification by the state is programmer analyst, associate. My role within the agency encompasses many responsibilities, including database management, process analysis, software support and in-house IT support.

Q: How long have you worked for your agency?
A: I first came to work for the board in October 2007 to temporarily fill the position as receptionist while the full-time receptionist was on maternity leave. Upon her return, I was hired full-time as administrative support. I have served in different administrative capacities assisting the accounting, licensing and compliance divisions. In 2015, I was appointed by the executive director as his executive secretary, where I served until October 2019. In October I relinquished that position to dedicate all of my time my current role.

Q: What aspect of your job do you find the most rewarding?
A: My reward comes from helping all of our staff efficiently complete the duties for which they are responsible, which in turn pushes the mission of the agency forward.

Q: What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
A: I enjoy any time I can spend with my two sons, their wives and our grandchildren.

How long has your agency used GL Suite?
A: The agency went live with GLS Suite.v5 in July of 2011. We migrated to GLS Suite.v6 in July 2019.

How does your agency use GL Suite?
A: Our agency uses GL Suite for tracking and processing all home builder and roofer new licenses and renewals, as well as unlicensed builder activity and consumer complaints. GL Suite hosts our online renewal applications. We are currently working to initiate a continuing education requirement to our licensing process, and GL Suite will be used to monitor all aspects of that process.

What aspects of your job or those of your colleagues has GL Suite made easier or faster?
A: GL Suite has seamlessly linked each of our business processes.  For instance, we can readily see how a license renewal may be affected by an associated disciplinary action. Also, in these times of virtual offices, having a web-based program facilitates communication between office staff and investigators working in the field.

Q: What else would you like people to know about you, your agency or GL Suite?
A: Our agency is fortunate that the executive director understands the value of having a database system that can function to its full potential so that staff can work more efficiently.  Because of this understanding, he has allowed me, since we went live with GL Suite in 2011, to dedicate a large percentage of my time to monitoring, developing and troubleshooting our experience with GL Suite. I would strongly suggest that anyone currently using GL Suite or considering it as an option, bear in mind that GL Suite is a tool for your staff and all tools must be maintained to continue to work properly. Any costs for improvements now will pay dividends in the form of staff productivity, document consistency and information accuracy in the future. 

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