Regulatory leaders shared an interest in improving their agencies—from staying current on policy trends to eliminating paper at their agency. Discover the stories that gained the most attention from regulatory leaders in 2022.

GL Solutions’ most-read regulatory articles for 2022:

1. Key Components of a Professional Licensing System

Learn the basic components and functionalities of a comprehensive licensing system; the three categories include: automation, efficiency and continuous improvement.



2. Logging in Made Easy: Open ID

Many regulatory agencies handle a high volume of calls—with a significant portion of those calls involving login issues. Those high call volumes lead to longer wait times and frustrated users. Addressing login issues frees up the phone lines for more pertinent concerns and supports the efficient use of staff resources and time.



3. Ten Legislative Trends for Licensing Boards in 2022

New legislative sessions in 2022 mean new rules for state regulatory and occupational licensing boards, along with the practitioners they regulate. Discover the ten legislative and policy trends that licensing boards and stakeholders need to prepare for.



4. Should I accept payments for incomplete applications and renewals?

The answer to this question can usually be determined by an agency’s financial management process. Financial management may not always receive the attention it deserves within agencies, but a poor financial management system can, and has in the past, led to audits from the Secretary of State.



5. How you can eliminate paper at your licensing agency

Moving away from paper and towards a digital government improves the efficiency of your office, helping you manage worker shortages, as well as licensing backlogs—caused by outdated paper licensing systems. Learn ways to digitize your agency for 24/7 service.



6. Going paperless with the State Tax Commission of Missouri

GL Solutions interviewed Amy Westermann Chief Counsel for the State Tax Commission of Missouri for our series on how to eliminate paper at your licensing agency. Discover the challenges they encountered, as well as the resulting long-term benefits.



7. Is your regulatory agency striving to be the best?

What motivates regulatory leaders to improve their agency? And what does the ultimate agency look like?  Learn why leaders choose to transform their agency, as well as the resources they use on their journey towards a model agency.



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