Ore. Nursing Board Sees Applications Quadruple, Asks for More Staff

The Oregon State Board of Nursing, seeing a surge in licensing applications from out-of-state nurses, asked lawmakers to authorize new hires to help to process those applications. An emergency authorization for out of state nurses, set to expire on July 1, triggered the increase in nursing applications. During the pandemic, according to Ruby Jason, executive director of the nursing board, the board issued over 13,000 emergency authorizations for out-of-state nurses to work in Oregon. According to the Lund Report on June 2, Jason said the “state has seen applications more than quadruple with the pending change to licensing requirements. The board is now two months behind.”

N.C. Board of Ed. Survey Results—92% Response Rate

The North Carolina State Board of Education revealed the responses to the latest North Carolina Teacher Working Survey. The survey, given every two years since 2002 to North Carolina’s public school educators, set a record for the response rate at 92%. On COVID-related questions, 40% of educators agreed that students needs for social-emotional or mental-emotion health support “were much more than before,” according to CBS17 on June 1. View all the results of the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey.

Iowa Medical Board Accused of Trying to “Lynch” Doctor by Alleging Incompetence

An Iowa doctor accused of causing a patient’s death told a judge that the Iowa Board of Medicine is trying to “lynch” him based on a “phony” competency evaluation. According to the Board of Medicine, the doctor scored “worse than 99% of other individuals” on the evaluation. Lawyers for Dr. Andrew Obamwonyi of Storm Lake took the Board of Medicine to court twice this year to block disciplinary actions against the doctor, according to SouthernMinn.com on June 5.

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