Occupational Licensing Requirements by State

New research reveals the occupational licensing requirements for all 50 states—from the license renewal fees to the number of exams. The Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation released their Annual Licensing Database Snapshot: 2023. The snapshot includes 50 professions, ranging from physicians to barbers to crane operators.

State CIOs Prepare Their States to Use AI—with Restrictions

State chief information officers say lawmakers consult them regarding the use of artificial intelligence—both taking advantage of AI and placing limitations on AI. CIOs shared with StateScoop how they benefit from AI; Vermont Chief Information Officer Shawn Nailor, for example, said his state uses ChatGPT for revising more technical information for different audiences. Other CIOs, like former Delaware CIO Jason Clarke, expressed concerns about applying large language models too broadly. “I think it has to be very intentional and locked down to the service that the individual is leveraging,” he said.

Ala. Judge Temporarily Halts Medical Cannabis Licensing

A judge ordered the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to temporarily stop issuing licenses to growers and distributers. The order comes after two companies argued that the state used a flawed process to select winners for the licenses. The order, according to Insurance Journal on June 26, reinforces a decision by the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to “stay the licenses awarded on June 12 after the chairman said they discovered ‘potential inconsistency in the tabulation of scoring data.’”

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