New Center for AI to Support Governance Strategies

The non-profit Future of Privacy Forum launched the Center for Artificial Intelligence  on June 5 to support AI governance and policymaking. “The rapid deployment of Artificial Intelligence for consumer, enterprise, and government uses has created challenges for policymakers, compliance experts, and regulators,” explains FPF. “AI policy stakeholders are seeking sophisticated, practical policy information, and analysis.” Areas of work for the FPF Center for Artificial Intelligence, include legislative comparison, responsible AI governance and more.

Impact of Medical Licensing Health Questions on Physicians Seeking Care

Do medical licensing questions on health conditions pose a barrier to physicians seeking treatment? Researchers share their findings on that question on the June 10 Regulation Matters: a CLEAR Conversation from the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation. They share recommendations for “finding a balance between ensuring safe care while not being an impediment to professionals’ care-seeking.” View their findings in The Journal of Medical Regulation.

Fla. Medical Board to Create Licensure Path for Foreign-Trained Physicians

Lawmakers in Florida passed a measure in 2024 that allows physicians trained in other countries to receive a license in Florida without completing a residency. The Florida Board of Medicine voted on June 6 to start creating the rule implementing the law, according to The Bradenton Times. Paul Vasquez, executive director of the board, said the board must figure out which overseas residency programs are “substantially similar” to accredited US programs.

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