Navigating the Metaverse: Applications for State Government

A new publication from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers focuses on how states use metaverse technologies, like virtual reality. Navigating the Metaverse: Potential Applications and Implications for State Government offers examples of the application, like a police departments use of VR in training exercises. NASCIO’s March 2023 publication also suggests what to consider before states apply the metaverse to state government. As the report explains, “With the click of a mouse or tap on a smart phone we can renew our driver’s license, apply for benefits or request a birth certificate. While convenient, these activities lack human interaction and can become frustrating when you have a unique situation and can’t find an answer. But what if we could bring back the positive side of the human interaction that we have lost, but still do all of this from home or the office? Enter the metaverse in state government.” For a discussion of the report, listen to the NASCIO Voices podcast on the topic.

Interstate Compact Eases Licensure Mobility for Military Spouses

The Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact intends to reduce the licensing hurdles teachers face when they move to a new state.  According to Education Week on March 27, the compact takes effect when 10 states sign on; Colorado and Utah already joined the compact, with legislation pending in 15 other states. The Council of State Government, the Department of Defense and other organizations developed the compact in part to assist military families—that move often.

Arizona Funeral Board Shutting Down this Year

Last year, the Arizona legislature passed a bill to shut down the Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. According to ABC15, a new bill would transfer oversight of the funeral-service industry to the state health department. The proposed bill also removes licensing requirements for assistant funeral directors and assistant embalmers. The seven-member funeral board oversees about 1,800 licensees.

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